I know people are turning up here, due to my participation in Rough Trade NaNaNo hosted by Keira Marcos my fic Numb3rs Duty of Care will end up here, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Duty of Care is more of a precursor to Betrayal of Trust (Criminal Minds) rather than a prequel. Betrayal of Trust will be continued, it is just on the back burner at the moment, and it will be posted here as well.

Both are part of an a multi fandom AU… D/s BDSM and slash, inspired by Keira Marcos’ The Ties That Bind SGA AU and Xanthe’s NCIS The First Collar .

Thanks for stopping by Sareh

You Know There Are Times Where Words Don’t Work

Seriously I’m at the… um… kill… ah… bitch… ohhh… fuck… really am gonna kill stage.

Then you realise that the person is just not worth the aggravation. 

So just hit the ‘Delete’ from life button (and that’s real life 🙂